Thursday 11-Nov (Chile Time GMT-3)Subject
0700-0720Aperture ceremony: Prof. Adasme, Prof. Tavares, and Prof. Ghassemlooy
0720-0800Keynote: Asghar Gholami. 25 Min Presentation and 10 Min Q&A.
0800-0820Content triggering system using RGB StripLEDs and Optical Camera Communication in Rolling Shutter mode
0820-0840Visible Light Communications for 6G Wireless Networks
0840-0900The Sum Secrecy Rate of NOMA-Enabled VLC Network with the Random-Way Point Mobility Model
0900-0940Keynote:  Anna-Maria Vegni. Exploiting Visible Spectrum for Localization Services in Future 6G Networks.
0940-1000Computer Vision detection and classification of emitters for visible light communication
1000-1020Network Traffic Prediction Using Online-Sequential Extreme Learning Machine
1020-1040Bit Error Rate Analysis for OFDM Schemes Applied to Underground Mining VLC Systems
1040-1120Keynote: Rui Wang. 25 Min Presentation and 10 Min Q&A.
1120-1140Mode Division Multiplexing (MDM) Aided Hybrid PON-FSO System for Last-Mile Connectivity
1140-1200Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Enabling Future Wireless Communication
1200-1220Performance Evaluation of a LoS Visible Light Communication Link using an Optical Concentrator and a Plano-Convex Lens
1220-1240Text Analytics Architecture in IoT Systems
Friday, 12 – Nov (Chile Time GMT-3)Subject
0700-0740Keynote: Luis Nero.Visible Light Communication-based Indoor Localization with Machine Learning
0740-0800SVM and ANN classification using GLCM and HOG features for COVID-19 and Pneumonia detection from CXR
0800-0820Fuzzy-PID controller design for UAV hybrid energy propelled with differential box
0820-0840Geolocation Techniques in LoRaWAN Networks as Fault Tolerance Approach in GPS-Based Tracking Devices
0840-0920Keynote: Ali Khalighi. Augmenting Internet of Underwater Things by Visible-Light Communications.
0920-0940Acceptance of the implementation of a smart campus based on 5G technology by the University’s constituents
0940-1000Novel p-Median-based Formulations for Maximizing Coverage in 5G/6G Wireless Networks
1000-1020Simulating radio coverage with polar coordenates for wireless networks
1020-1100Keynote: Cesar Azurdia-Meza. Advances in Visible Light Communication Systems Applied to Underground Mining Environments.
1100-1120A Quantum Key distribution using Optical Frequency Comb Source
1120-1140Comparison of different Machine Learning techniques for PCE estimation of MMWave Energy Harvesting Rectifier devices
1140-1200Remote Control in Smartphone-based Visible Light Communications